How we got our start..

On February 27, 2020, just before the worldwide Covid-19 Pandemic, myself (Deacon Sean Bridges) & Deacon Richard Keesee attended the INVEST 2020 Sharper Conference in Temple Terrace in support of our Pastor, Dr. S. Evan Burrows who was a member of the panel as well as one of the break-out session leaders speaking on how to build a men’s ministry. Pastor Burrows spoke very passionately about “The Brothers on The Hill” and shared his ideal vision for growing a men’s ministry, where the focus includes every man in the church ultimately having a significant impact on their respective families, their church’s and their communities. I was so impacted by our Pastor’s passion and vision that just over a year later on April, 6, 2021 I the I felt led to start The BB Foundation , Inc.

Our Vision

We want to have a vast community impact through empowerment, entrepreneurship, and Christian values. We want every member of our community to have optimism and hope and to grow and achieve personal success and help grow our prosperous community of empowerment.